Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow the Leader

House Rethug Minority Whip Eric "The Cancer" Cantor, ever the weasel, is committed to the failure of the new President's economic recovery package, and the Rethugs are hoping that they can run on a still-sour economy in 2010. They obviously think Americans will forget who cooked up the economic mess in the first place, and that Obama included a number of tax cuts in the stimulus package that the Rethugs had wanted (and that are less effective in creating jobs than direct spending).

Just the other day, The Cancer revealed his mentor to be one Newt "Poot" Gingrich, the egomaniacal former House speaker who thinks his every word should be chiseled in granite. "I talk to Newt on a regular basis because he was in the position that we are in: in the extreme minority." [ed. note: "extreme" is the right word, but not as The Cancer meant it]. We strongly encourage House Rethugs to follow Poot and his new protege, since that's seemed to work so well for them in the past 12 years.

(photo: "Hey Cantor, bring me a coffee, with cream and sugar")

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