Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slumming The Oscars

On the eve of the Oscars, Slumdog Millionaire is expected to walk away with the lion's share of awards, including best picture and best director. We'll see what happens. The movie's soundtrack is also up for an award, and includes some great mixes of music from the Indian culture and others. One track includes "Paper Planes" by Indian/Tamil singer M.I.A. ("Maya" Arulpragasam).

Indian actress Freida Pinto almost stole the movie with her presence. She's not up for an Oscar, although she won a 2009 Screen Actor's Guild award as part of the cast, and should be popping up in future films.

Finally, if you see the movie, wait for the closing credits for the classic Bollywood dance number in the train station.

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