Monday, April 27, 2009

Rethugs Gutted Flu Pandemic Funding in Stimulus

When the stimulus bill was being negotiated in the Senate, Rethugs, led by "moderate" (as in "stupid in a moderate way") Sen. Susan "What Swine Flu?" Collins, demanded that $870 million in flu pandemic preparation funds be stripped out of the bill, reports John Nichols in The Blog. Collins and her Rethug colleagues were largely successful in taking out the flu pandemic monies, with an assist by Turdblossom Rove, who was providing talking points to the Senate numbnuts, and agitating against it in all the usual wingnut venues as an example of wasteful government spending.

More Rethug good government values at work for you!

(Photo: Turdblossom demonstrates his technique for warding off the swine flu - oh wait, he's naturally immune since he's a swine...)

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