Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Again, Pakistan

From the earliest days of our blog, we've noted that al Qaeda was not governed from Iraq, but from the Pashtun areas of southern and eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan. The Iraq war debacle is a 6-year diversion from the fight against the group that attacked us on 9/11. Dumbya and Dead Eye never finished the job, and al Qaeda was allowed to rebuild and reconstitute itself in nuclear-armed Pakistan.

The Obama Administration appreciates the problem, and is focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to minimize the chances for another, more serious 9/11. Complicating things immensely is a fragile regime in Pakistan, where the civilian government has little or no control over the military and intelligence organizations, much less its territory. Pakistan is insisting that it has firm control over its nuclear weapons, and publically the Administration is going along with those assurances. Hopefully, signs that Pakistan is taking on the Taliban in the Swat valley will be more than just a show, and be the beginning of real progress.

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