Sunday, May 31, 2009

The RNC's New Poster Child

The Obamas took a short trip to New York City last night to take in a Broadway play, a promise the President had made to the First Lady during the campaign. Well, guess who's in a high state of phony outrage at the trip? The Rethuglican National Committee. RNC spokesperson Gail "Gotcha" Gitcho tried her best to spin the trip as a slap at ordinary Americans trying to make ends meet. Yes, Gotcha, thanks of course to 8 years of Rethuglican economic policies that brought us to the brink of a depression. And what would the RNC say about Dumbya's record vacation time -- 490 days! -- at his Crawford "ranch"?

*crickets chirping*

Increasingly desperate to find some issue or event that will reverse their downward slide in the public's opinion of them, the Rethuglican apparatus is looking more foolish each day as they throw spitballs against the wind.

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