Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now that David Letterman has apologized for his joke last week about Governor Winky You Betcha and her daughter, we can only hope that Winky takes the hint and gets off the outrage tour. She would have been wise to condemn the joke, and then move on. But her desire to score political points from this personal matter led to her dredge up the old cultural war symbols about "Hollywood liberals," while throwing a jab at President Obama for supposedly allowing chauvinist attacks on Winky during the last campaign.

Right, Winky, it wasn't your fault that you were totally unprepared for the national spotlight -- 18 months as Alaska governor, following a couple of years as mayor of little Wasilla, Alaska were stellar qualifications. Also, Mr. Obama filled your head with creamcheese and made you answer questions from Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric as if you were a 9 year old. You betcha!

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