Friday, June 26, 2009

The WaPo's Sh*tty Judgement

The Washington Post has become a shadow of its former journalistic self, featuring a parade of neocons on its "op ed" page, and remaining mostly uncritical during the Bushit years regarding foreign policy (e.g., Iraq). Cowed by the drumbeat of "liberal media" accusations by the far right over the years, the WaPo caved in to them. How many more columns from Fred "I Luv Neocons" Hiatt, Chuckie Kraphammer, Michael "Gag" Gerson, Wee Willie Kristol, Fred "War Is Good" Kagan, and other wingers will it take to convince people that the WaPo isn't "liberal" at all, but more neocon than ever? And that's not to mention their stable of writers who still think D.C. is "wired Rethuglican."

Now, with the dismissal of the estimable journalist Dan Froomkin from the WaPo website, they have bet on a Rethuglican revival. Like it's gonna happen. The WaPo's not your father's WaPo anymore.

Over at Fairness and Accuracy in Media, Jim Naureckas has a pithy blog on l'affaire Froomkin and the culture pervading the WaPo that led to his dismissal. P.S.-- the John Harris who's quoted in the blog is now with the Rethug-wired Politico.

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