Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Health Care Wars

As we noted yesterday, the manufactured "grass roots" movement that is seeking to derail health care reform is in full swing wherever Congressional Democrats are holding town meetings to answer their constituents' questions. It's good to see Democrats pushing back. Local papers are describing the astroturf protesters as "thugs" and "a mob," as they certainly are, shouting down the speakers and refusing to let a dialog happen. They're also acting on the instructions of the Rethuglican Party and the health insurance industry shills who are trying to keep the American health care system dysfunctional and profitable for them. What the thugs apparently don't understand is that they're the victims of the current system, which will boot them out if they lose their jobs, will deny them coverage if they have a preexisting condition, and which will jack up their premiums each year until they are bankrupted. Live and learn, or in this case, learn and die.

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