Saturday, August 22, 2009

Of Teeing Up and Teeing Off

Robert Reich asks the pertinent question, "Why is the Gang of Six deciding health care?" and answers by telling us it's because the Obama Administration wants the Senate Finance Committee to "tee up the final bill." Allowing Max "Insurance Industry Contributions" Baucus and Charles "My Assley Is" Grassley to tee up a final "reform" bill is asking for a 50 over par round and missing the cut.

Bob Herbert says Dems are concerned about Obama's apparent softness and what the hell is going on in the President's mind. Does teeing off your base while trying to "appease the unappeasable" (in Paul Krugman's words) make sense?

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Brian said...

That's eerie- Iwas just reading Reich's blog before I went to Hackwhackers and saw you posted something from there. Great minds read the same blogs!