Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole-ly Shit

By now you've no doubt heard about (W)hole Foods CEO and flaming Randian John "Galt" Mackey's op/ed in the Wall Street Journal (where else?), slamming "ObamaCare", unions, and social responsibility in general. As you walk through the deconstruction of Mackey's rant by Sadly, No! keep this tool's pernicious, yoyo (you're on your own) philosophy in mind any time you might have the urge to step into a (W)hole Foods again. If you must think "upscale, overpriced produce," think: Bloom, Harris Teeter, Balducci's, anything but (W)hole Foods -- and please tell your friends, too. (BTW, in the Sadly, No! post, check out the list on the produce board behind Mackey.)

(Photo: Ass-Whole John "Galt" Mackey)

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