Saturday, September 26, 2009

65% Support Public Option

In spite of the clownhalls, deathers, and constant drumbeat of doom from Congressional Rethugs ("You lie!"), a public option as part of health care reform is favored by 65% of the American people, according to the most recent NY Times/CBS poll. Can Dems read the polls, or are their heads too far up the insurance industry's ass to see?

And speaking of polls, the Villager media is fond of pushing the meme that the Democrats polling numbers, and contributions, are down. (You'd have to plumb the depths of the WaPo article to find that Dems are still ahead of Rethugs in national committee, and House and Senate campaign war chests; but noting that would undermine the meme, right?). Crooks and Liars asks, will they ever report how abysmal Rethug numbers are? Here's the "scoop" they choose to ignore:


Congressional Dems: 38%
Congressional Rethugs: 17%(!)

Democratic Party: 40%
Republican Party: 22%(!!)

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