Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Old Yeller" and Inchoate Rage

Your Saturday morning reading is a piece by Gail Collins on Rep. Joe Wilson* (Rethug-SeCession) and the "inchoate rage" among the far-right libtards/ teabaggers/ tenthers/ birthers/ wankers, some of whom are in D.C. today as part of a "Taxpayers March." Fun and insightful reading. Next: watch tonight's "mainstream media" coverage of the "March" to see how it's parlayed into "widespread anger and questioning of the Administration's economic and health care policies," rather than as an astroturfed gathering of assorted nuts, sheeple, and mouthbreathers.

*Choose your nickname: "Old Yeller," "You Lie!," "Shit for Brains," etc.

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