Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Hero In The Fight For Health Insurance Reform

Florida Representative Allan Grayson stood up on the House floor the other day and said what needed to be said: that the Rethugs weren't interested in doing anything but obstructing Democratic health insurance reform. Over 40,000 Americans die each year because they lack health insurance, and the obstruction is guaranteeing that more will die unless universal health insurance is realized.

The Rethugs know that if health insurance reform succeeds, not only will their insurance industry patrons suffer, but the Democrats will have won a popular fight and will have likely Congressional majorities and the Presidency for years to come. Rep. Grayson's not taking his comments back. Good for him. It's refreshing to see a Dem that stands up and refuses to let lies go unchallenged. And refuses to play the apology game, when he's only telling the truth.

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Anonymous said...

When are you Americans going to wake up and realize that you have to take action? Medical insurance industry is spending millions in advertising and on lobbyists to preserve the status quo so they can safeguard their profits.What to do? Very simple - if only a half of you would pick up the phone or send an e-mail to your Congressman you would see some results.