Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Villagers Push a Meme

For a perfect example of how the "mainstream media" (aka the Villagers, Beltway Kool Kids, etc.) takes its lead from the Drudges of the world, then do a "what if" and "it could be" piece of dog crap analysis, look no further than AP's piece on the "fallout" from Obama's attempt to get the 2016 Olympics for Chicago. The "piece," by Jennifer "Can't Get No" Loven and Julie "Slow" Pace, wants to set the table for the failed Olympic bid, which should be a two-or-three day news event, to be possibly "emblematic" of President Hussein Omuslin's failing administration. Clip and save for "Journalism 101 - How to Make Beef Stew Out of Thin Gruel."

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