Monday, November 2, 2009

Fisticuffs at the Kaplan Daily!

Stop the presses! Hold that punch! Kaplan Daily's Style feature editor Henry "The Geritol Kid" Allen was involved in a beat-down of one of his writers, Manuel "The Kid" Roig-Franzia, the other day. Seems the 70-ish Allen was upset with a "charticle" Roig-Franzia and his co-writer Monica "I'm No Herman" Hesse had presented him on famous leaks. Managing editor Marcus "Broccoli" Brauchli had to break up the combatants himself.

Hey! Maybe instead of the Kaplan Daily selling access via Katherine Weymouth's "salons," Broccoli could sell tickets to "The Newsroom Fights!"

(Image: A normal day at the Kaplan Daily.)

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