Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stewart Interviews Loopy Lou

Last night's interview of Loopy Lou Dobbs, CNN's former ranter and hater of brown folks, by Comedy Central's Jon Stewart was a classic in stripping the hypocrisy and meanness from the right-wing message. The wingnut anger now on display, where symbols of Nazi Germany are perversely misused, is about losing an election, as Jon notes, and not about reality. Loopy Lou was one of those demagogues who style themselves as an "independent" but in fact are unreconstructed conservatives, who have selective amnesia about Rethuglican misdeeds in the past and are critical of them only when they depart from the most right-wing positions.

Miscellaneous thought: With the money CNN paid Loopy Lou to take a hike, he should get some new dentures that won't hiss when he talks.

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