Monday, November 9, 2009

Wingnut Media Takes Hits

Times are tough for two wingnut media outlets, the Moonie Times and the NY Post.

Seems there's a major shakeup going on at the Moonie Times (circulation about 60,000 -- hee hee). Right-wing hack executive editor John "Not the Wise One" Solomon is thought to be on his way out after a Sunday purge of three other executives at Rev. Moon's shitty rag. We're sure Fred "Sir Wanksalot" Hiatt will be able to find a job for Solomon at the Kaplan Daily if necessary. Or Tippy Tapper could help a guy from a "sister organization."

The news at Rupert Murdoch's NY Post is worse: a 30% drop in circulation in the past 2.5 years, much more than comparable newspapers. That puts the Post, which once was the #3 newspaper in the city, back at #4 (What?! It beats the Village Voice?!).

(Image: John Solomon, polishing up his resume.)

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