Monday, December 14, 2009

Wanker Monday at Kaplan Daily

After reading Charles Lane's most recent anti-labor screed on "job killers," is should come as no surprise that he's a member of the Kaplan Daily's editorial board (you know, the same one that's always opposed to public union activity -- teachers are a pet peeve). Yes, it's the gummint and those damn greedy minimum-wage workers and unions that are the job killers, not the fat cat bankers who won't loosen up credit for small business and consumer lending! Asshole.

Another wanker sharing the op/ed page today is Robert "Not Paul" Samuelson whose "thinking" on health care reform miraculously mirrors Missy McConnell's and can be condensed to this:
"To attack costs first would be politically challenging. It would require admitting that all good things are not possible simultaneously and that the uninsured already receive much medical care." (my emphasis)

Also, asshole.

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