Thursday, February 25, 2010

Because I'm Marco Rubio, That's Why

The latest wingnut heartthrob, Florida U.S. Senate candidate Marco "Chaarrrge It!" Rubio, is taking heat for running up thousands of dollars in personal charges to the Florida Rethuglican Party's credit account while he was speaker of the Florida legislature. Some of the personal expenses included a $100 haircut (maybe John Edwards' barber), car repairs, food and wine, computer and electronics items and "supplies" from a lumber store.

Chaarrrge It! says he's completely innocent, and blames allies of his rival Charlie Crist for the story. Of course, as a rising right-wing icon, Chaarrrge It! lives by his own rules and reality (see snowbilly queen Winky You Betcha), so whatever he was able to grab is his by rights, dammit. Survival of the greedi . . .er, fittest!

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