Monday, March 15, 2010

A Familiar Tactic

Something vaguely familiar is going on in international politics, specifically regarding the Israeli-Palestinian problem: obstructionism. As with their right-wing Rethug/neocon friends in Washington on domestic policy, Israel's ruling right-wing Likud coalition government is determined to obstruct any efforts by the Obama Administration to get talks restarted between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Last week, during Vice President Biden's visit, the Israeli government announced the creation of 1600 new housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, despite strong, longstanding U.S. opposition. Secretary of State Clinton blasted Likudnik Prime Minister Netanyahu for the "insulting move." It's also being reported that no less a hero of the Rethugs than Gen. Petraeus is warning about the increasingly toxic effect that actions by Israel's right-wing government are having on our relations throughout the region.

As the Obama Administration reacted negatively to the intentional slap from Israel, the Likud's American auxiliary swung into action, as noted at Think Progress. Joe Lieberliar, Wee Willie Kristol and their fellow neocons can always be counted on to blame America first, when it comes to problems in relations with Israel.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has an extensive run-down on the issue of neocon loyalty to Israel first.

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