Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Let's Burn Some Crosses While We're At It

When he ran for Governor of Virginia, Robert "Blowdry Bob" McDonnell made it a point of stressing how "moderate" he was, the better to pick up swing voters in Northern Virginia. He was to be the face of a new Rethuglican Party -- less strident and ideologic, and more reasonable. We know how that turned out.

Yesterday, Blowdry Bob proclaimed April as "Confederate History Month," as if anyone in the South needs to be instructed in their history. To make matters worse, Blowdry Bob left out the anti-slavery language that had appeared in previous proclamations by Rethuglican Governors (Dem Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine had stopped the proclamations altogether). African-American officials in Virginia are understandably outraged, but the blowdry guy won't back down because he's beholden to the rabid right, who are the heirs to the great patriots who took up arms against their country.

(photo: Blowdry Bob's fan club celebrates Confederate History Month)

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