Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McNasty's At It Again

Clearly, Arizona Sen. John McNasty is running scared in his Rethuglican primary against loopy wingnut J.D. Hayworth. He's saying he never thought of himself as a "maverick," despite referring to himself that way constantly in the 2008 campaign (and in his Rethuglican Convention speech!). Now, in a replay of his "Bombbombbomb, bombbombIran" gaffe during the campaign, McNasty is suggesting that we should "pull the trigger" on Iran to derail their nuclear program. Yeah, that's the ticket: a third war in the Middle East, because two's not enough!

Thank God this craven, bitter old clown wasn't the winner in the last Presidential election.

(photo: Let's drop McNasty on Iran; two problems solved in one fell swoop!)

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