Friday, April 23, 2010

Rethugs Doing Wall Street's Bidding

While President Obama was in New York City yesterday talking about the need for effective financial industry regulation, senior Rethug politicians were in Washington attending a fundraiser with financial industry lobbyists, who are trying to scuttle any reform. This follows a meeting in New York two weeks ago between Rethug Sens. Mitch "Missy" McConnell and John "Big John" Cornyn, who leads the Senate Rethug Campaign Committee, and major hedge fund managers to assure them of Rethug opposition to reform.

According to Think Progress, which videoed the Rethugs and lobbyists coming from yesterday's fundraiser, several Rethugs and their corporate sponsors declined to comment or give their names as the exited the building. They know that being on the take from Wall Street wouldn't be popular with their "Joe the Plumber" low-information base, so seeing them scurry from the meeting is fun to watch. We'd love to see it picked up in Dem campaign ads, too.

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