Monday, April 26, 2010

Those "Country First" Rethuglicans

As we noted last Friday, Senate Rethugs are representing Wall Street in trying to block financial reform, while pretending to want a deal with the Dems for public consumption. It appears as though the Rethugs are ready to fillibuster the reform bill coming out of the Senate Banking Committee. No doubt the Rethugs are positioning themselves to insert some Wall Street-friendly language in the bill as the price for allowing the bill to be debated. Meanwhile they continue to lie their asses off about "too big to fail" (which the bill addresses forcefully) and "bank bailouts" (which aren't even envisioned in the bill). The mainstream media, of course, is largely treating it as a Dem/Rethug sporting event, and themselves as mere observers unable or unwilling to call out the liars for fear of being accused of being "librul."

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