Friday, April 30, 2010

What If Millions Marched, And No One Noticed?

Want to bet that tomorrow's 80-city rallies for immigration reform don't receive a fraction of the coverage that the astroturfed tea bagger rallies did? Wonkette has some reasons why the mainstream media will once again prove to be inadequate and clueless. Here's one of our favorite reasons:
"They won’t look as stupid as teabaggers. Lacking tri-corner Olde Hatts and misspelled signs with racist slogans, the somber immigration rallies just don’t make “good teevee” in this era of constant reality freak-show entertainment. Plus, it’s embarrassing to send Brit Hume or whoever out to a rally — who wants to make eye contact with your gardener and nanny out in public?"
Some weeks ago, an estimated 100,000 marched for immigration reform in DC, but the media coverage focused on the angry 2,000 Rethuglicans massed on Capitol Hill with their costumes and misspelled racist signs, so why change now?

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