Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sorry Our Ocean Interfered With Your Oil Spill

Talking Points Memo helpfully collected a sampling of Rethuglican gaffes concerning the Gulf oil gusher. Among the boneheads kissing BP's oily ass? The usual suspects: Winky You Betcha, Michele "The Commie Hunter" Bachmann, Rand "Sprinklerhead" Paul, and John "Boner" Boehner. The combined IQ of this group might even break the 100 mark.

As many others note, they're simply reflecting their extremist, corporatist Rethuglican viewpoint that what's good for BP / United Healthcare / Goldman Sachs etc. etc. is always good for America; disagreeing with them is "socialist." Strangely, we haven't noticed any teabaggers protesting this betrayal of their "populist" movement.

As we saw in the DNC's TV ad after Not A Smart 'Un Barton's apology to BP, this should be gold for the Dems in the November elections. Emphasize "should be" . . .

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