Thursday, August 26, 2010

McNasty's Victorious Defeat

As Stephen Colbert noted, the biggest loser in Tuesday's primaries was Arizona Rethug Sen. John McNasty who lost to. . . .Sen. John McNasty. The new McNasty was running against the old McNasty in a hard-fought test of principles, and the new McNasty won because he apparently has no principles except that of political survival. "Country First" indeed. He even ridiculously claimed during his primary race against the reptilian demagogue J.D. Hayworth that he never was a maverick. McNasty was counting on Rethug voters to have as bad a case of amnesia as he does.

So it's on to November, where McNasty should win another term and continue to sulk and stew in the bitter juice of his 2008 defeat at the hands of "that one." And monopolize Sunday morning talk shows, of course, where a grateful mainstream media will welcome the old/new McNasty back.

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