Monday, September 27, 2010

"A Specious Act"

We've aired our issues with Dems who won't fight for what they say they believe in. It's not surprising that their problems stem from leaders who disregard their base and cater to Rethuglicans. . .only to have the Rethugs kick them in the teeth when the votes are counted.

Yesterday, House Dem Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was on Fux News Sunday (a problem in itself) stating that the House wouldn't force the Rethugs' hand on tax cuts for the wealthy before the November elections, saying a vote in the House would be "a specious act." Many progressive Dems, including Hoyer's House colleague Chris Van Hollen, were urging just the opposite: the Dems should pass the middle class tax cut, let the tax cut for the top two percent expire, and let the Rethugs defend the wealthiest segment of the population. Hoyer apparently wants to throw the Rethugs a life preserver before the elections. Fine, it's his funeral, but why should this hack have a leadership position in the House?

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