Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Empire Strikes Back"

One of the missed opportunities that's looming for the Dems in this whole "U.S." Chamber of Commerce scandal over receiving foreign contributions is explaining the connection between big business, Rethuglican politics, and outsourcing jobs. The Chamber has long been an unofficial arm of the Rethuglican / New Confederate Party going back decades, and corporate opposition to Obama's initiatives is what the National Journal's Ron Brownstein called "the empire strikes back."

So, it's no surprise that they, and their corporate members, want the Government to return to the laissez faire, corporate tax cutting environment that the Rethugs love. What is surprising is that the Dems haven't made the clear connection between the Rethug / Chamber axis and foreign businesses that are contributing to Rethug campaigns -- and who directly benefit from outsourcing U.S. jobs. Think Progress' article on this topic should be mandatory reading for every Dem up for election/reelection and for the White House.

And while the mainstream media tut-tuts the foreign money issue, make the issue about the Chamber's support for policies that encourage outsourcing, and link that support to their support for Rethug candidates. It's simple, right? Sadly, the Dems fumble with their message and waste valuable time.

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