Thursday, October 14, 2010

Full of Shot

The Kaplan Daily has a piece that discusses the actual injuries suffered by Harry "Bullseye" Whittington, the guy that former (Vice) President The Dick (a.k.a. Dead Eye Dick) peppered with a shotgun blast in February 2006 while on a hunting trip. As it happened, Bullseye was more severely injured than was "reported" at the time (typically, reporters failed to dig into the story, accepting the White House version -- see: Iraq War rationale, U.S. Attorney firings, etc.)

Bullseye suffered wounds to his face and neck, with lead shot narrowly missing his carotid artery, and the chest, where lead shot is still lodged close to his heart. In fact, Bullseye suffered a mild heart attack while in intensive care for a week, and still has multiple pieces of lead in his body from the shooting.

The kicker is that while The Dick acknowledged "responsibility" 4 days after the shooting (which wasn't revealed to the lazy press until the next day), he's apparently never apologized to his human target. Pathetically, Bullseye apologized to The Dick for intercepting the 200 lead pellets with his body (the Rethugs do observe their royal pecking order).

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