Friday, October 29, 2010

Violent Wingnut Linked to Beck

Although the Beltway media has virtually ignored hate media's instigation of violence on the teabagger right, Think Progress reports that wingnut Charles Wilson, a man charged with threats against Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), was apparently inspired by Boo Hoo the Hoot Beck. According to court documents, Wilson's family said he "came under the spell" of Boo Hoo's unhinged paranoid rants against health insurance reform legislation:
"He became basically housebound due to illness and his small world became even smaller. His brother got him a computer and he was able to stay connected with family. And he watched television and found Glenn Beck… I understand how his fears were grown and fostered by Mr. Beck’s persuasive personality."
To say demagogues like Boo Hoo, Limpballs, and others in hate media are responsible for inciting violence is taboo among the Beltway media poobahs, who are courageous when ferreting out waste in government programs aiding the poor, but terrified of the reactionary bully who threatens to punch him. And if another Oklahoma City occurs, they will spend hours of airtime "analyzing" the root causes and conclude that Obama should have compromised more.


Anonymous said...

Please read Eugene Robinson's piece in the WaPo today. Priceless. P.E.C.

Hackwhackers said...

Thanks, P.E.C., for pointing us to it. Will do.