Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Voter Suppression, Rethug Style

A Rethug-connected group, "Latinos for Reform," ("reform". . .riiiigght!) ran Spanish language TV ads in Nevada telling Latino voters not to vote in order to register their protest against the lack of immigration reform. Behind the lofty-sounding group is a Rethug hack, Robert De Posada, who was formerly connected with both the Bushit Assministration and the Rethuglican National Committee. The cynical intent, of course, is to suppress the Dem-favoring Latino vote in a state where the election is tight. Univision has declined to run the ad further, so it appears that the efforts of this Rethug front group were to no avail. But it points up a long-standing Rethug tactic: keep the minority vote down and you'll win. They know that when voter turnout is high, especially among minorities, that tends to favor Dems, who hold an edge in registered voters in key states.

While the hamfisted attempt to discourage the Latino vote failed this time, it demonstrates the utter shamelessness of the Rethugs, who as a Party stand firmly against immigration reform and path to citizenship proposals, and who regularly demonize Latinos to their white voter base. It's also despicable to suggest that Latino Americans shouldn't exercise their right to vote, a right purchased with the blood of countless Latino American servicemen and women.

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