Monday, November 1, 2010

Messages From The Voters

From all "mainstream media" accounts, tomorrow is shaping up to be a horrible day for Democrats. If it turns out to be so, here's the message voters are sending:

To the Rethuglicans:

We approve of your cynical obstructionism, based on political point-scoring, not on reason or what's good for the country. Keep it up!

We approve of your lies, distortions and lack of new ideas, whether it's concerning restoring the economy and jobs, health care reform, immigration reform, or take your pick of topics. Keep it up!

We approve of your bollixing-up of the economy from 2001-2009, and we want to reward you for it!

To the Democrats:

We disapprove of your taking tough measures to keep America out of the second Great Depression and back on the road to recovery, including the much-maligned stimulus (see Sir Harold Evans' piece on how this critical action has been lied about). Don't ever do it again!

We disapprove of your looking out for the middle class with tax cuts 90% of us don't even know we got and with financial reform to keep the robbers on Wall Street from looting our future. Don't ever do it again!

We disapprove of your taking more than 18 whole months to turn around the economy after the Rethuglicans drove it into a ditch over 8 years. We like the high risk, low reward style of Rethuglican economic policies!

We will grant you the Dems and White House have been guilty of message meltdown and political malpractice over the past 18 months, and that many seem to lack the courage of their convictions. But is it too much to hope that, in 21st Century America, the voting public (all 40% of you) will discern who the raging, flaming, certified bums are in this election?

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Anonymous said...

Here, here. Can I tell you how proud I am of voting in Mass. these days??? We haven't lost our minds entirely, yet. P.E.C.