Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama In India

The importance of President Obama's trip to Asia can't be overstated. His first stop is India, an emerging economic powerhouse and key ally in combating terrorism. The trip's goal is to promote greater trade opportunities and to make U. S. product inroads with India's growing middle class. India's $60 billion Information Technology industry and its science and R&D sectors are also booming, and creating partnerships with them will be a major focus. The President was warmly received in Mumbai, where he announced $10 billion in trade deals that would boost American jobs. As regards terrorism, Obama made it a point of staying at Mumbai's famous Taj Mahal Hotel, which was one of the prime targets in the 2008 attack, to send a message of resolve and common cause with India.

Coincidentally, the Hackwhackers team and their companions had a truly authentic Indian dinner out last night, complete with 5-course meal served over 3 hours, eating by hand, Bollywood dance videos projected on a screen, and lounging on low couches covered with pillows and cushions. It's Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and friends and families were out celebrating.

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