Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowbilly Saturation?

With former Alaska half-term Gov. Sarah "Winky" Palin's second novel appparently heading for bookstores' discount bins, we have to ask, "Is America experiencing snowbilly saturation?" Her reality show / infomercial isn't drawing the audience of the first week, Snowbilly Snooki's appearance on Dancing with the Stars was an embarrassment, and more snarky comments are issuing from the ranks of Rethuglican establishment figures. Most important, the polls are showing Winky at a decided disadvantage when up against President Obama, as we noted last Saturday. While we had our fill of her from her first appearance at the 2008 Rethuglican convention, many Americans have been slow to acknowledge the ignorant pettiness at Winky's core. She'd be a dream come true for Obama to run against in 2012, but, sadly, it looks like the glow is fading.

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