Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is on for this evening. It's an annual farce, where the White House Press Corps basks in its own self-importance, and schmoozes with the politicians they should be holding at arms length, as well as Hollywood celebs and corporate tycoons.

This year, the increasingly despicable Kaplan Daily has invited none other than race-baiter and vulgarian Donald "Rump" Trump as one of its guests (along with the Orange Boner). President Obama will attend, so imagine his chagrin when the "carnival barker" that's been smearing him is smugly sitting at the Kaplan Daily table. The view of many can be summed up in this letter to the Kaplan Daily:
"I am a Republican. I am not particularly fond of President Obama. I am furious, however, that this man, born a private citizen of the United States of America, was made to feel obliged to reveal the intimate details of his records of birth. I am disgusted that there are those among us who feel that they had the right to press him to do so. And I am sickened to think that, even after the disclosure of these facts, there will likely remain those for whom the citizenship issue is yet unresolved. I am grateful to the president for his effort to put this 'issue' to rest, and I am deeply sorry that he was forced to such an extreme. I will never be ashamed to be an American, but I may never be more ashamed than I am right now of some among our number.

Kenneth C. Mino, New York"
Mr. Mino gets it, as we suspect many fair Republicans do also. Sadly, a once great newspaper doesn't.

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