Sunday, April 17, 2011

Liberals as Suckers?

Today's required reading is an article by Sally Kohn in the Kaplan Daily. She asks if liberals are being suckers and sowing the seeds of their own demise by practicing tolerance in the face of relentless, destructive right-wing behavior. A sample quote:
"Liberals can keep patting ourselves on the back for standing tall and tolerant while conservatives land blow after blow, but taking the high road of civil compromise will feel less and less noble as decades of vital government programs pile up in bloodied heaps on the ground."

It's Sunday, so can we get an "amen?"

BONUS READ: Paul Krugman (who's no sucker) echoes Kohn's theme, marveling at the faux umbrage Rethugs are taking at Obama's take-down of media fair-haired boy Lyin' Ryan's Randian budget proposal, whose real goal is not deficit reduction but dismantling the social progress of the last half-century.

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