Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mittens Announces Candidacy

Rethuglican chameleon Willard "Mittens" Romney today announced his candidacy for President. With his moussed hair remaining in place in a breeze, Mittens spoke to an all-white crowd on the New Hampshire farm of a contributor, and stayed on the Rethug message: Obama's to blame for our economic problems. This is the "business genius" who said two years ago that we shouldn't offer loans to GM and Chrysler to save them from bankruptcy, who now says loans were his idea. He's written a book, "No Apologies," but spends his days apologizing to his right wing base about Romneycare. He apparently has no shame, and hopes you have no memory.

We think plastic Mittens will continue having trouble connecting with people with bullshit detectors.

(photo: Mittens getting ready to "connect" with you)

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