Friday, June 17, 2011

"My Civility for a Doughnut!"

Just saw a TV clip showing New Jersey's Rethuglican Gov. Chris "Kris Krispycreme" Christie on a radio show yesterday getting nasty with a woman who wondered why the extremely rotund Gov was cutting back on public education in New Jersey while sending his kids to private school. "None of your business," Krispycreme snapped. We're hoping to get the video of the exchange today to post.

Perhaps Gov. Krispycreme was churlish because of doughnut deprivation during his visit to the radio studio. We can only hope he continues with his "f**k you" attitude toward his constituents, and further drive down his already sagging poll numbers in New Jersey.

(photo: "I'll have 3 dozen doughnuts, and a skim milk)

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