Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now Who's The Dick?

Good to see that MSNBC has indefinitely suspended Village "journalist" Mark "Drudge Rules Our World" Halperin after he called President Obama a "dick" on the "Morning Joe" poo-fling this morning, much to the giggling surprise of "Joe Scar" and his TV wife, Mika the Model. Halperin, sweating shit balls, soon abjectly apologized, perhaps seeing a career-ending screw up in the making.

Sadly, the Beltway media clowns talk this way off camera and off the record; they believe that Washington is wired for Rethuglican rule, and temper their remarks accordingly. Their "news" sources are the corrupted, right-wing propagandists who engage in smearing and disinformation. Halperin let his guard down momentarily, and let us know what the royalty of our broken media think.

(photo: Feeling the pinch)

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