Sunday, June 5, 2011

Take The Money And Run (From Your Past Position)

Highly unpopular Rethuglican Florida Gov. Rick "Slimeball" Scott liked to denounce Federal stimulus money at every turn during his campaign for Governor last year. Now, with a 29% approval rating (the lowest in the nation), Slimeball has decided to accept $370 million in Federal stimulus funds to keep the state budget solvent:
"Florida Gov. Rick Scott campaigned against President Obama’s “failed stimulus” program — yet the freshman politician kept nearly $370 million of the federal cash in the Florida budget he signed last week. […] The stimulus money Scott and Republican legislators approved touch every corner of the state: $290 million to improve electronic medical records, $4.2 million to aid disadvantaged children, $3.2 million for fighting wildfires, $12.5 million for drug courts, $8.6 million for county health departments, $1 million to fight infectious diseases, and $4.4 million to help public defenders and prosecutors."
Slimeball was once the head of Columbia/HCA, a hospital company, and had to pay $1.7 billion in fines for defrauding customers. Not surprisingly, Slimeball now stands to profit from a newly-signed Florida law which would throw more Medicaid business to his chain of "clinics". This guy makes Rod Blagojevich look like an altar boy.

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