Friday, November 11, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

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(Stuart Carlson, via

His plan also involves "smear, smear, smear." It didn't go unnoticed in the recent Rethug debate that cardboard pizza boss and ladies' man Herman "Herb" Cain referred to former Speaker of the House (and second in line to the Presidency) Nancy Pelosi as "Princess Nancy." For someone who is facing multiple, credible allegations of sexual misconduct -- including sexual assault -- he might want to tone down the overt misogyny so he doesn't totally blow his cover story. A-hole.

UPDATE: Need more proof? Check out Herb's joke about Anita Hill.

UPDATE 2: Guess Mike Tyson isn't in the horndog's corner ("Please insert a jellybean into my USB port..." hee-hee).

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