Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gingrich Fail: Won't Be on Virginia Primary Ballot

One week after telling supporters and the media that he had more than the 10,000 signatures required to have his name on the Virginia Rethug primary ballot, Newt "Poot" Gingrich has been told by the Virginia Rethuglican Party... uh, sorry Newtie, you don't. This is, simply put, a glaring symptom of a disastrous campaign organization, and more proof of Poot's well-deserved reputation as a (ahem) less- than- competent manager. Poot had been leading the Rethug field in Virginia, and even if he hadn't won the primary outright, Virginia's proportional rules would have given him some delegates.

As it stands now, only Willard "Flip-Flop/ Mendacious Mitt" Romney and Ron "Race War" Paul had enough signatures to appear on the primary ballot. Ya think the fix is in for Mendacious Mitt?

(Photo: "Missed it by that much!")

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