Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Why We Call Them "Rethugs," Newt Gingrich Edition

Dana Milbank notes:
Nearly two decades ago, Gingrich’s political action committee, with the help of GOP wordsmith Frank Luntz, issued a now-famous memo telling Republican candidates which words they should use to describe their opponents. Among them: “anti,” “betray,” “bizarre,” “corrupt,” “destructive,” “disgrace,” “shame,” “lie,” “pathetic,” “radical,” “self-serving,” “selfish,” “shallow,” “shame,” “sick,” “traitors.”

“These are powerful words that can create a clear and easily understood contrast,” this Gingrich-endorsed memo explained. “Remember that creating a difference helps you. Apply these to the opponent, their record, proposals and their party.”

Wow. And ironically, nearly all of those words apply to today's Rethuglican/ New Confederate Party and to Newtie himself, as in "I'm rubber and you're glue; your words bounce off me and stick to you."

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