Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rethuglican Voter Suppression, Maryland Style

In 2010, the Rethuglican candidate for Governor of Maryland, former Gov. Bob "Beatle Bob" Erlich, was challenging incumbent Dem Gov. Martin O'Malley. The race was within a few points, but the Rethugs wanted to make sure and put the fix in. On election day, Beatle Bob's campaign placed over 100,000 robocalls to Democratic households in African-American districts telling them to "relax" and stay home because O'Malley had the election won. So it was good to see that Beatle Bob's campaign manager, Paul "Ick" Schurick has been convicted of election fraud for authorizing the robocalls. More Rethug conspirators are expected to be convicted.

Remember this the next time you hear Rethuglicans talking about protecting the ballot box against voter fraud by requiring Dem-leaning young/poor/minority/elderly voters to jump through multiple flaming hoops to vote. The fraud is actually originating from the Rethug side.

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