Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poot Becomes The Hunted

Space cadet and angry white man Poot "The Swinger" Gingrich is slipping badly in the Florida primary race. A major factor, in addition to his poor debate performance last week, is the crushing attacks by the Rethuglican establishment on the Pootster, as catalogued here. What this exposes is a fault line running through the Rethuglican electorate: the economic elites (led by one percenter cyborg Willard "Mittens" Romney) and the dominant teatard / American Taliban wing (with multiple "leaders" like "Winky" Palin, "Oops" Perry, Horndog Herman Cain) who would prefer either "Frothy Mix" Santorum or Poot. Rounding out the wingnut field, of course, is 19th century man and Aryan Nation fave Ron "Race War" Paul.

Therein lies the problem for the majority of the Rethug/ New Confederate Party: their far-right majority is split up, while the minority country club Rethugs are united behind Millionaire Mittens and can produce enough of a plurality to win. With any luck, denying the majority of angry Rethugs the candidate of their choice, while forcing Mittens down their throats will result in a very public donnybrook this year and a very decisive loss at the polls.

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