Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Willard's Modified Limited Hangout*

Under extraordinary pressure to release his income tax returns, one-percenter and lie factory Willard "Millionaire Mittens" Romney reluctantly disclosed his return for 2010, and his "estimate" for 2011. What the 2010 returns show are an extremely wealthy man living on investment income that totaled $42.5 million in 2010, on which he paid a measly 13.9%, far below what a middle class family pays as a percentage of their income. That's a lot of money pouring in while you're "unemployed" and running for President. He also had a Swiss bank account -- which he closed after being advised that it didn't look good politically. Here's another breakdown of Mittens' returns.

This shouldn't be the end of Millionaire Mittens' disclosure. As President Obama has done, he should make the past 10 years of tax returns available. That also goes for Poot "The Swinger" Gingrich, and the other clowns running for the Rethug nomination. There are still plenty of questions about Mittens' "success" that the public should have answers to.

*shades of Tricky Dick Nixon

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