Sunday, February 26, 2012

How About A Little Michigan Mischief?

Michigan Dems could do the country a big favor on Tuesday by voting for Rethuglican high priest and uterus cop Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum. Remember that Michigan's primary is open to Dems and Independents, and there's information that enough Dems could cast ballots for Frothy and deny weird plutocrat Willard "Caddyschmuck" Romney an essential win in Michigan. It's not only smart politically, it's a means for Michigan Dems to slap Caddyschmuck for his "let Detroit go bankrupt" stance.

The race in Michigan is already close, with polls shifting back and forth. While Frothy is still less likely to get the Rethug nomination than weird Willard, it won't hurt to have the Rethugs fighting all the way to their convention in Tampa, broken, bloodied and ill prepared for President Obama in November. If Frothy Mix should capture the nomination, look for an Obama landslide.

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