Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mr. Mendacity

The broken mainstream media fails over and over again to chronicle the half-truths and downright lies of most Rethuglican politicians. Aside from occasional back page "fact check" columns, the stenographers we generously call "journalists" present the lies on a platter, ready for easy public digestion without any seasoning of truth.

Thankfully, Steve Benen is performing a vital task in cataloging the lies of Willard "Mittens the Medacious" Romney each Friday. Here's his latest effort. One of the most cynical lies concerns his position on the auto industry bailout. He wants everyone to believe that private interests would have stepped in to purchase General Motors and Chrysler under a managed bankruptcy scenario, when in fact the credit markets and private financing were locked down during the economy's free-fall during that time. There was no private sector alternative, and Mittens the Mendacious knows it.

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