Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Bedfellows*

It's hard to miss the Rethug tag-team of weird Willard "Tree Man" Romney and crackpot Ron "Race War" Paul, as they appear to be coordinating attacks against their Rethug rivals and laying off of each other. You'd think that their campaigns would diverge more than any of the others running: weird Willard as the phony conservative, say-anything-to-win plutocrat, and the reactionary Paul as the authentic voice of the far-right libertarian movement. Willard talks economic policy, Race War talks legalizing heroin. Willard wants military intervention abroad, Race War wants disengagement and demilitarization.

It's anyone's guess why this odd alliance has sprung up, but it's certainly about Paul extracting something of value from Mittens. We'll see whether this strange duo continues if Mittens loses in Michigan.
*Not that there's anything wrong with these two fellows sharing a bed, although it might present a problem for their base. Just sayin'.

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